Likas Papaya Soap or Meladerm Cream?

Likas Papaya SoapThe word papaya, when spoken, conjures up images of tropical climes; it is a juicy, luscious, sensual fruit that brings summer to the coldest and snowiest winter day. And it is has been made into a pretty popular soap called Likas Papaya Soap. Who knew? Well, our friends in the Philippines have known about the special qualities of the papaya as a beauty product for generations. It certainly sounds like a cool idea, to make a soap out of papaya. Let’s see what all of the fuss is about.

  • What can Likas Papaya Soap do for your skin?
  • Washing your face regularly with Likas Papaya Soap is said to bring many health and beauty benefits, including evening out your skin tone, ridding your complexion of unsightly acne scars, lightening your skin – including its overall tone, dark age spots, and tans.

  • Are there any unnatural ingredients in Likas Papaya Soap?
  • The Trinidad Cosmetics Laboratory prides itself in producing a product that is free from chemicals and unnatural additives in Likas Papaya Soap. The women of the Philippines have traditionally used the papaya as a cleanser in its natural state and the manufacturer of Likas Papaya Soap has pledged to stay true to this tradition.

  • Does regular use of Likas Papaya Soap bring any side effects?
  • The decision to make Likas Papaya Soap solely from natural ingredients has meant that there are no side effects for the general public; it is a safe soap to use daily – unless, of course, one is allergic to papaya. Several customers do report that using Likas Papaya Soap dries out the skin, making it feel tight. If this is the case, a high-quality moisturizer could be used to counteract any tendency that soap has to dry out the skin.

  • What agent in Likas Papaya Soap lightens the skin?
  • The delicious papaya has a natural whitening agent; it is called papain extract. It is this extract that works to lighten and brighten the skin. Though it should also be noted that Likas Papaya Soap is also a natural exfoliant; which is to say that it gently scrubs away the outermost layers of skin on your face, leaving your skin looking clean and shiny.

  • Is Likas Papaya Soap expensive?
  • Not at all. Though it can difficult to find in some areas, especially cities or towns that do not have an Asian grocer; it can easily be purchased online however and costs only around $8 on a site like Amazon.

How does Meladerm stack up against Likas Papaya Soap?

Obviously Likas Papaya Soap is not the only popular skin lightening and brightening product out there. Meladerm cream, manufactured by a company called Civant, is used for exactly the same purposes as is Likas Papaya Soap – to reduce unevenness of skin tone, lighten and brighten skin, reduce the prominence of acne marks, age spots, freckles and so on. Let’s have a look at how Meladerm differs from Likas Papaya Soap.

  • Does Meladerm also dry out your skin?
  • Meladerm is a cream and actually works to moisturize your skin. Though Meladerm does increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight and so use of this product requires that an effective sunscreen be used daily as well. Though, it must be said, dermatologists tell us that the most important step we can take to care for our skin is to regularly wear sunscreen.

  • Likas Papaya Soap is a natural product. How about Meladerm?
  • Meladerm is mostly natural; extracts are taken from mulberry, licorice and bearberry plants for the manufacture of this cream. Though it does contain some additional ingredients. Like, for example, kojic acid, an effective skin lightener that has been proven to be safe for daily use. Kojic acid is not a natural substance as, interestingly, it is produced from the fermentation of rice that is to be used in the production of Japanese sake.

  • Does Meladerm cost more or less than Likas Papaya Soap?
  • Meladerm costs more than Likas Papaya Soap; it is sold via its official website for $49.90. Though Civant, Meladerm’s manufacturer, would point out that the costs of the testing and research that have resulted in what they consider a product of the highest quality accounts for this price difference.

So, Meladerm or Likas Papaya Soap?

The best way to determine if a product for you is to do some research and then conduct your own experiment. That it, buy the product that appeals to use and actually try it, on your very own skin. You will either see the results you had hoped to or not. Both Meladerm and Likas Papaya Soap have their ardent fans, though a quick look on Facebook shows that Meladerm has a few more, coming in at 13, 329 versus Likas’ Papaya Soap at 154 at the time of writing this article. Happy choosing!