Home Remedies For Dark Circles

If you’re frustrated with dark circles under your eyes and find yourself looking older and depressed with each and every passing day, pay close attention to this article. Dark circles or periorbital circles (clinical name) affects a majority of women in their late 30s and 40s.

It is one of the many side-effects of aging. Many women find it frustrating to look at these spots when they wake up in the morning especially after having woken up to beautiful skin nearly all their life. The condition promotes stress and depression amongst many women. If you feel that way, don’t despair. While there’s nothing that you can really do to prevent aging, there are some things you can do to eliminate the symptom of dark circles and restore your youthful rejuvenating skin.

Fortunately, there are some affordable home remedies for dark circles which when followed regularly can help even out the skin tone near your eyes and restore the youthful look you’ve lost. The best part is… these home remedies can not only be used to eliminate dark circles but a variety of other aging related symptoms as well such as wrinkles, dark skin, acne marks, scars, etc.

But before we tell you about the home remedies you can use for dark circles, we need you to understand a couple of things…

1. The main cause of dark circles or blemishes under your eyes is hyper pigmentation i.e. excess production of melanin. There are so many factors in our environment that cause our body to produce melanin. The enzymes responsible for increased melanin production are tyronsinase.
If a remedy can inhibit the activity of tyronsinase, you can use it to make your dark circles disappear. The same method can be used if you have dark skin and would like to improve your overall skin tone.

2. Make up can be used to hide dark circles temporarily. Having dark circles doesn’t mean you have to stop attending social events all together. There are a lot of makeup products that can be used to hide your dark circles in the short-term while you work on a more permanent cure with these home remedies.

3. Hyper pigmentation is just the most dominant cause of dark circles. But hyper pigmentation can be induced by a variety of other factors such as stress, depression, lack of sleep and fatigue. In life, everything is connected and one thing certainly leads to another. If you’re going through a tough breakup or a financial strain and you feel stressed day in and day out, you will have dark circles. If you feel stressed in your work and do not maintain an active lifestyle that involves regular exercise, you will suffer from dark circles.

The solutions to these problems are to work on the cause. And the cause here is not hyper pigmentation. Rather, it’s a lifestyle problem. Get your lifestyle in balance and you can solve half of these problems.

4. Many women wonder how some people have perfect flawless skin even when they turn old. They admire and envy their beauty. If you find someone in your life or know a person that has perfect flawless skin despite of being quite old, it’s probably because of these two things:

  • Fake hormonal injections
  • There are hormonal collagen injections that can be administered directly on your skin. Many supermodels use this to keep looking beautiful and fit at all times. The problem with hormonal injections is that it’s beyond the reach of many of us and has nasty side effects.

  • Their spine health is excellent
  • The ones who always look youthful have excellent spinal health. If you see every single person that’s naturally looking youthful, you will find that they are doing all the things they can do to maintain a flexible and healthy spine.

    Unfortunately, our current lifestyle that involves sitting in front of a desk for eight hours daily has a horrible effect on your spine. It leads to slouching and a variety of other health problems. You feel stressed, impulsive and unhealthy when your spine isn’t in perfect condition.

    The solution… keep your spine fit and it will take care of you. Keeping your spine fit is all about using it and improving its flexibility. Doing a couple of stretches in the morning and in the evening is the perfect way to do it. It doesn’t cost much at all. Just visit YouTube, watch a couple of stretching videos and start practicing them.

5. Natural remedies for dark circles only work to a significant extent. A lot of people think that dark circles and other hyper-pigmentation issues can be eliminated easily with a natural herbal product.

Well… it’s not true. If you use some of the natural remedies mentioned below, you will certainly see improvement in your overall skin tone. However, if you want the best results, it is recommended that you go for complex herbal formulations that you find in skin whitening creams and gels.

But here’s the thing – not all skin lightening creams are created equal. So tread with caution when choosing a cream.

With that said, here are some of the best home remedies for dark circles…

  1. Turmeric

  2. Turmeric is one of the best skin rejuvenators. It has the capability to lighten your skin tone extremely fast. Take a pinch of turmeric powder, milk or water and make a paste out of it. Apply the paste under your eyes or anywhere you have dark circles or spots in the evening.

    Allow the paste to seep into your skin for 15 – 30 minutes. Rinse your face thoroughly with pure fresh water. Keep doing this for at least the next 30 – 60 days. You will certainly see improvement in your skin tone.

  3. Rice gram flour

  4. The application of rice gram floor is quite similar to the turmeric remedy. However, it isn’t as effective as turmeric is. Turmeric gives you sparkling results in the short as well as the long-term. Rice gram floor is a recommended alternative if turmeric doesn’t work for you because not all remedies work for everyone.

    Take powdered rice gram flour, add honey and milk until you turn the mixture into a paste. Apply the paste near the dark circles and rinse it away after 15-30 minutes of drying. Keep this up daily for a period of 2 months. Your dark spots will certainly vanish.

  5. Skin lightening cream

  6. If your lifestyle prevents you from trying out the above mentioned remedies for dark circles or you want results faster, your best solution is to get a skin lightening cream that’s been specifically proven to be effective for treating dark spots.

    There are so many other herbal ingredients that have been found to be 10 times more effective than rice gram floor or turmeric when it comes to treating dark circles. However, these herbal ingredients aren’t easily accessible for most of us.

    That’s why it is better to get a skin lightening cream. There are some skin lightening creams out on the market that have formulations of various herbal ingredients that have been clinically proven to be efficient when it comes to treating dark circles without side effects. Ingredient formulations include:

    • Alpha Arbutin
    • Kojic Acid
    • Citrus juice
    • Licorice extracts
    • Mulberry extracts

    If you happen to find a cream that contains any of these ingredients without hydroquinone, we strongly recommend you to get one. From all the different creams we’ve researched, we’ve found one cream to have all the above mentioned ingredients along with other specific formulations as well.

    The cream is called Meladerm and it has been one of the top rated skin lightening creams in the market for the last couple of years. It has shown great results when it comes to treating dark circles.

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