Freckles On Lips

Freckles On LipsDo you have freckles on your lips? Do you want to know how these spots are caused and what you can do to get rid of them?

Most types of freckles are nothing to worry about and are harmless. But freckles that appear on the lips can be extremely frustrating and intimidating for some people. These sores can be painful and actually affect the way you look and your self-esteem.

What causes freckles on your lips?

Like most types of freckles, freckles on your lips are mainly caused due to increased exposure to sunlight. They could also be as a result of intense UV light exposure. Ultraviolet rays could penetrate the skin and damage the cells and tissues in the lips thereby leading to development of a freckle or a brown spot.

Most types of freckles are harmless and do not cause any pain to the individual. However, it isn’t the case with freckles on lips.

If you have freckles on your lips, it’s extremely important that you have it looked over by a dermatologist as some of them could be cancerous. In some cases depending on the intensity of the spot, you may find it painful to eat food or talk as well.

What can be done to prevent the development of freckles on lips?

Well… there’s no sure shot remedy to prevent the development of freckles on lips. Freckles on other areas of your body can be prevented by using an effective sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 60 or above. However, this cannot be done so with your lips.

Wearing lip balms can help moisturize your lips and prevent it from intense sun damage. However, it’s not very effective. The only way to prevent it is to reduce the sunlight exposure you get especially when the Ultra Violet rays are the most intense (between 11 am and 4 Pm).

But that doesn’t mean that freckles on lips cannot be treated. There are a wide range of effective treatment procedures that you can follow to keep these spots on your lips in check and eliminate them quickly.

What are some options to treat freckles on lips?

There are many safe clinical procedures that can be used to treat freckles. If you’re suffering from freckles on your lips right now, your first step is to consult a dermatologist and have it looked over closely. Some freckles can be pre-cancerous and therefore, it should be looked over at the earliest and not ignored.

With that said, here are some of the most effective treatment options for freckles on lips…

1. Over The Counter Gels

Most doctors often start off by recommending an over the counter gel or cream that can be applied on your lips which will help bring the melanin production down and rejuvenate the cells and tissues in and around your lips. These are basically gels that can help bring down hyperpigmentation down.

But please note that not all hyperpigmentation creams and gels are suitable for treatment of freckles on lips. Most of these creams are not meant for oral use and are quite dangerous when consumed. There are some specific gels which you can get with a prescription that you can use to moisturize your lips and reduce the intensity of the spots.


  • Safe procedure that does not intimidate the patient
  • Works on most types of lip freckles


  • Takes time to see results – minimum of three weeks

2. Excision

Excision is a clinical procedure where your doctor will pull out the freckle spots that have developed on your lips forcibly with the help of a scalpel. It’s a procedure that has an extremely high success rate when it comes to treating freckles on the lips and other areas of the body. Most doctors would recommend the use of a local anesthetic during the procedure.

With this treatment procedure, the freckles are removed quickly. The only thing that is required of you is to maintain proper oral hygiene over the next couple of days until the layer heals itself.


  • Works on most types of freckles on lips
  • Provides quick relief from the spots
  • Cheaper than other options such as laser


  • Can be painful and intimidating for the patient
  • Takes time to heal (a couple of days for your lips to recover)

3. Laser

Laser is another clinical procedure that is used to treat freckles on lips. It’s often used as a last resort procedure specifically for cancerous freckles in the lip area. ¬†Excision or the use of topical gels is the preferred option for treating these freckles. However, if none of these treatment options work, your doctor may suggest laser surgery.

With this procedure, short, high intensity laser beams will be focused on the freckle spots in your lips. The laser beam will burn these spots and the skin layer then will be removed by the surgeon manually.

Your lips will appear normal in a couple of hours.


  • Works on cancerous freckles on lips
  • Provides almost instantaneous relief from freckles


  • Can be expensive than other surgical procedures
  • Could result in occasional scarring