Dark Spot Remover Reviews

Have you been searching for a suitable dark spot remover? If so, we strongly recommend that you read every single word on this page.

There are so many dark spot removers out there in the market. Some of which are very effective and some of which are not. It’s important that before you buy a dark spot remover, you know how dark spot removers work. By knowing how they work, you will be able to set realistic expectations and choose the right products accordingly.

The main cause of dark spots is epidermal hyper pigmentation. Epidermal hyper pigmentation is caused when there is an increased production of Melanin (for which the enzyme tyronsinase is responsible). Limiting and balancing the melanin levels will help lighten your skin tone and make those spots vanish. Almost each and every dark spot remover tries to accomplish just this. However, the exact method and their efficiency depend on the individual cream’s ingredient formulation.

One more thing to be noted – it is better to purchase a cream that not only reduces melanin production but also improves your overall skin health. Hyper pigmentation is not the only cause of dark spots. Stress and aging related issues also contribute to poor skin health which in turn leads to dark spots.

That’s why recommend that you use creams that are beneficial not only in the short-term (with your dark spots) but also in the long-term (improve your skin health and prevent it from falling prey easily for aging related issues). We’ve reviewed some of the best dark spot removers in the market and ranked them so you can choose one that’s suitable for you. Each one of the products has been rated according to the following standards:

  • Efficiency (How fast does the cream help make your spots vanish?)
  • Safety (Are there any side effects associated with using the remover?)
  • Multipurpose (Is the cream only effective for dark spots or other skin conditions as well?)
  • Market standing (How long has the product been out on the market and what the customers are saying about the said product?)

Please use our reviews as a guide and make your decisions accordingly.

#1 Meladerm

meladermMeladerm is clearly our best rated dark spot remover because of its efficiency and powerful ingredient formulation. Meladerm uses a combination of artificial and natural ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective when it comes to treating dark spots and improving skin health. The cream makes your dark spots vanish in three simple steps:

  • Inhibit tyronsinase (ingredients such as alpha Arbutin, tego cosmo c, Gigawhite, etc)
  • Bleach the skin (bleaching agents such as Kojic acid, lemon juice extract)
  • Rejuvenate the skin (vitamin C, vitamin D, mulberry extracts, licorice extracts, etc)

Each one of the ingredients used in the complex formulation has been proven to be side effect free and efficacious when it comes to removing dark spots. This is the reason why we strongly recommend Meladerm. Noticeable improvement with Meladerm is visible in less than 2-4 weeks.

Meladerm can not only be used for dark spots but also for a variety of other skin conditions as well. Here’s a list of skin conditions that Meladerm can really help…

  • Age spots and dark spots caused due to hyper pigmentation, stress, fatigue, etc
  • Freckles and acne
  • Birth marks, scars and other dark marks that don’t seem to vanish
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dark underarms, knees, elbows and knuckles
  • Tanning and other sun related skin damage

Meladerm is one product that is suitable for each and every single skin type. Regardless of your color and ethnicity, you can use the cream to lighten your skin tone and make those dark spots vanish. However, please note that the exact duration for results will dependant on your specific skin tone. If you are someone with a very dark skin tone, you will need a longer timeframe to notice significant results.

#2 Reviva Labs Brown Spot Skin Lightening Cream

Reviva Labs Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night CreamWhen it comes to dark spot removers, the brown spot skin lightening cream from Reviva Labs stands out as the second in the list. Like Meladerm, the cream works on bleaching your skin and rejuvenating your skin in order to make the dark spots vanish and lighten your skin tone overtime.

However, please note that none of the ingredients that the cream has been identified as “POWERFUL” when it comes to inhibiting tyronsinase production.
Kojic acid is considered by many to be an effective ingredient when it comes to inhibiting tyronsinase. But it isn’t true according to clinical tests. Clinical tests have revealed Kojic acid to be only mildly powerful when it comes to reducing melanin production. It’s only been found to be effective for skin bleaching purposes.

That’s why the cream from Reviva Labs only makes the second place on our list of dark spot remover reviews. We recommend the product because it not only helps make your dark spots vanish but also helps improve the health of your skin.

It contains many oils and minerals that are even more effective than the ingredients in Meladerm when it comes to improving your overall skin health. However, please note that it does not contain a powerful ingredient for inhibiting Melanin production and it’s a con. Because let’s face it… you’re not here looking for a cream that will improve your skin health. You’re here looking for a cream that will cure your dark spots in the shortest amount of time possible without any nasty side effects.

The cream is recommended for application only in the evening as exposure to sun can make the cream ineffective. Applying the cream before you go to bed after clearing your make up is a good idea. Noticeable results can be seen in 3 – 4 weeks. Like Meladerm, the Reviva Labs Brown Spot Skin Lightening Cream is ideal for all skin types. However, please note that since this cream is not powerful at reducing melanin production, dark skinned people will have to wait a really LONG time before seeing any noticeable improvement.

#3 Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot Cream

Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot CreamThe reason why we really love Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot Cream is because it focuses on the cure and not the symptom. While many products focus on reducing melanin production to ensure speedier results, the Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot cream focuses on the long-term results of the product.
Instead of relying on any bleaching agents and ingredients that inhibit melanin production, the Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot cream works on only one thing – improving the health of your skin.

It rejuvenates your skin cells with various vital nutrients that help the skin renew itself. Ingredients used in the cream include ginseng extract, licorice, vitamin C, milk thistle and vitamin D. Even though the cream can be used on people with any skin color or ethnicity, it is not recommended for dark-skinned individuals because the chances of you getting results out of the cream are quite low.

For those with white skin i.e. Caucasian skin, you can expect insanely fast results with the Derma E. If you’re a dark skinned individual, you’ll have to wait longer to make your dark spots vanish. However, you will find that your skin glows naturally once you begin using the cream within just a couple of weeks.

#4 Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream

Porcelana Night Skin Lightening CreamThe Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream should actually be the first and the best dark spot remover if we were to rank our list in terms of creams that gets you the fastest results.

This cream makes use of a special lightening ingredient called Hydroquinone which is known to be insanely effective for removing dark spots and all other issues associated with hyper pigmentation. The substance has been used in skin care products for decades and until now, there has not been an equally effective substitute identified. So you may now be wondering why this cream did not make it to #1 despite of having such a powerful ingredient. Well… it’s because hydroquinone has been banned and now creams containing hydroquinone can only be sold with a prescription.

The reason the substance was banned is because clinical tests conducted on rats revealed hydroquinone to be a carcinogen (cancer causing substance). The cancer causing effects of hydroquinone on humans is still unknown. However, certain nasty skin conditions have been known to develop with some people who’ve been exposed to hydroquinone for long periods of time.

If you’re looking for faster results and are willing to take the risks associated with hydroquinone, we recommend you to give Poreclana a try. However, please tread with caution.