Best Dark Spot Remover

Do you suffer from dark spots? Have you been searching for an effective dark spot remover that can help treat your dark spots without causing any side effects? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

With so many solutions in the market, it can really be overwhelming to choose the right remover. There are many products that are known for their efficiency when it comes to removing dark spots. But the question is, are they all safe? The dark spot remover you buy should not only be effective for vanishing your spots but should also be 100% clinically proven and safe for your skin. But sadly, it isn’t the case.

The best dark spot removers in the market today contain hydroquinone. If you seriously want those spots removed, just go out there and get a cream or gel that contains hydroquinone. You will certainly have those spots vanish miraculously in under a week or two.

But here’s the thing – Hydroquinone has been identified as a carcinogen i.e. cancer causing substance and has been banned by the FDA. It is no longer sold as a non-prescription product.

All sales of creams containing hydroquinone now require a prescription. If you can get your hands on one of these (they are the best dark spot removers), you will certainly get the best results. This is why you have to exercise strict caution when choosing a cream or a gel. There are many products that prove efficiency.

But are they 100% safe? Hydroquinone is not the only ingredient that is dangerous. There are so many new ingredients and formulations that skin care companies use without testing them. This is outright dangerous. Unfortunately, these companies have no other choice but to constantly innovate and bring out formulations that work into the market and they do so with the least bit of testing.

If you’ve read about different darks spot removers and still find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to choosing one, don’t worry. We’ve done the work for you. We’ve gone through a list of some of the best dark spot removers in the market and have reviewed them by checking their efficiency, ingredient formulation and safety. If you go by our reviews, we can assure you that you will certainly have a powerful solution that is side-effect free and capable of making your dark spots vanish at the earliest.

#1 Meladerm

meladermMeladerm is our top rated dark spot remover because of its complex ingredient formulation that consists of certain natural ingredients as well as artificial formulations. It is a cream that can not only be used for dark spots but also a variety of other conditions as well such as blemishes, dark marks, dark skin, etc. It is a skin whitening solution.

The reason this product stands out from all the others is because each one of the ingredients used have been tested to be clinically safe and efficacious for treating dark spots in external studies. By external studies, we mean studies that were not funded by the organization behind Meladerm. Noticeable improvement can be seen in as little as 2 weeks.

Given below is a sample of ingredients used in Meladerm:

  • Alpha Arbutin
  • Kojic Acid
  • Gigawhite
  • Tego Cosmo C
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Licorice extract

Here are the skin conditions Meladerm can be used for:

  • Dark spots
  • Suns pots and liver spots
  • Freckles
  • Tanning and other forms of sun damage
  • Dark discolorations and issues related to hyper pigmentations
  • Dark elbows, underarms, knees and knuckles
  • Uneven skin tone

#2 Reviva Labs Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night Cream

Reviva Labs Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night CreamThe Brown Spot Skin Lightening Night Cream from Reviva Labs stands out from our list because of its ingredient formulation. The chief tyronsinase inhibitor used in this cream is Kojic Acid. Just so you know, most dark spots are caused due to hyper pigmentation (i.e. increased melanin production). The enzyme tyronsinase is responsible for production of melanin. Almost all creams on the market including the ones that contain hydroquinone rely on ingredients that inhibit tyronsinase to eliminate dark spots and lighten skin tone.

Since the ban of hydroquinone, Kojic acid has been widely used as an alternative tyronsinase inhibitor. However, studies have found that Kojic acid is not nearly as effective as hydroquinone although it is completely free from side-effects. As a result, the Reviva Labs Brown Spot Skin Lightening Cream bags the second place on our list.

Meladerm is #1 because it not only relies on Kojic Acid but also on Tego Cosmo C, Alpha Arbutin and Gigawhite which have been found (in clinical studies) to be a lot more efficacious when it comes to treating dark sports.

#3 Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot Cream

Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot CreamThe Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot Cream ranks third on our list and contains multiple ingredients that are known to inhibit melanin production and improve skin health. You’ve got licorice extracts, vitamin C, milk thistle, ginseng extract and vitamin D under one cream.

All of these ingredients are known to improve the overall health of your skin as opposed to inhibiting tyronsinase production. A cream such as Meladerm on the other hand not only helps inhibit melanin production but also improves your skin’s health overtime with other natural ingredients such as licorice extracts, mulberry extracts, etc.

Noticeable improvement with the Derma E Skin Lighten Age Spot Cream takes time. You need to be prepared to wait at least three to six months before you can see any significant results. However, please note that the results are for the long-term.

#4 Nur76 Skin Lightening Cream

nur76 skin lighteningThe main reason why Nur76 Skin Lightening Cream makes it to our list is because of the strong media backing and the customer satisfaction the product has. The cream has been featured on various television shows in the UK and has thousands of customers who swear by the product.

However, we recommend our readers to tread with caution. The manufacturer advertises the cream to be a 100% natural formulation on their website but fails to reveal the ingredients that have been used.

With testimonials that claim miraculous results, it just seems too good to be true. No natural ingredient has been found to be so effective. The only ingredient that produces miraculous results when it comes to dark spots is hydroquinone and it is an artificial substance. Alpha Arbutin is effective and isn’t 100% natural.

The ingredient Arbutin is derived naturally from mulberry and various other evergreen bushes. In the lab, Arbutin is altered to produce two of its epimers – alpha and beta. Alpha Arbutin is then used in creams and skin care products. Therefore, Alpha Arbutin is considered to be an artificial substance. The claims of a 100% natural cream that offers insanely magical results is hard to believe. If the manufacturer were to give out a complete list of ingredients and the formulation, we could verify their claims. However until then, tread with caution.